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All services require prior reservation at least 24 hours in advance and the 100% payment to ensure service. We suggest you make your reservation as far in advance as possible. This we It will allow you to provide greater availability of schedules. Reservations are subject to schedule availability.

Once your reservation is made, we waive the obligation to make a prior reminder, it will be the responsibility for the client to remember their scheduled appointment. In order to offer you the attention and service you deserve, you are reminded that our therapists They do not have fixed hours at the Hotel since they work on commission and only show up for service contracted, that is why prior reservation is essential.

of arrival It is recommended to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the treatment to prepare. if you come late for your treatment, you should keep in mind that being late will simply shorten your treatment. The time of your treatment counts from the time of your reservation, not from your arrival. It will not be possible to extend the scheduled treatment time, in order to avoid damaging reservations. later and respecting the contracted schedule of the therapists. Depending on the length of your treatment, a long delay may be turned into an absence and the full charge will be incurred. the fee. Appointment not taken will be taken as attended, and 100% charge will be made.

of the facilities The Relaxation Center has a shower, if necessary the client can use of this service, the maximum time to be able to use the Post-Service Relaxation Center hired is 15 minutes. In case of exceeding the allowed time, you can generate an extra charge of 50% of the total service contracted without exception since the therapists only attend for the duration of the contracted treatment and the Relaxation Center must be clean and ready for the next client. The Relaxation Center does not have electronic services such as dryers or irons.

Cancellation Policy, modification and/or change of schedule.

of the cancellation Please respect the cancellation policy of the Relaxation Center. In cancellations there is no refund of money, reservations are reschedulable or can be used in some other activity. There will be no possibility of changing the date in case of notifying the cancellation on the same day of your appointment scheduled. Notifying the same day will generate the loss of credit of 100% of the reserved treatment.

Of the modifications and/or changes of schedule. A change of reservation is possible without any extra charge if it is done 24 hours in advance. A change of reservation the same day is possible if it is done at least 4 hours in advance, this change will generate an extra charge of 50% of the total rate of the service without exception and is subject to availability and schedule of the therapists, remembering that the therapists do not have fixed hours at the hotel.

A change of reservation up to 2 hours before is NOT possible and in case of not attending the appointment, will be responsible for 100% of the contracted treatment.

pregnant The Relaxation Center has treatments specially designed for women pregnant women, the therapist must be notified so that she can work according to the restrictions for women in a state of pregnancy, there will be no reductive service and others that can harm the health of mother and baby. An entry questionnaire will be delivered so that the client can state if she is pregnant, In the event that this data is omitted by the client, the Relaxation Center is separated from the derived responsibilities. In the event that the therapist notices a state of pregnancy, she may deny the service.

Minimum age The minimum age allowed will be 18 years, those under 18 must attend accompanied by parents or guardians.

Diseases In case of having any contagious disease, the Relaxation Center reserves the right of admission and may deny the service in order to guarantee the health of workers and the public in general.

returns No refund of money, all reservations are reschedulable or credit paid can be used in some other activity, if prior cancellation was made with a minimum of 24 hours.

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Hotel Cuatro Cuatros

Imagine waking up in total calm surrounded by a peaceful and restful environment. Discover our hotel, a space designed to immerse you in the benefits of the environment. We stand out for our commitment to sustainability, fusing luxury and conservation in a stunning natural environment.